Product portfolio

AB Etken Teknologi offers two product portfolios. These products are operated by stand alone operations. Information regarding the products, capabilities, commercial aspects and offerings can be found via the websites listed below.

Royex Rock breaking systems

The Royex rock breaking system is a collection of products and techniques designed to effectively break rock without the impact of ground vibrations, fly rock, over break and toxic gases. Royex rock breaking tools together with the support of our expert engineers offers a powerful alternative to conventional explosives and mechanical rock breaking hammers.

Royex is 1.4S classified which allows for significant transport, storage and handling benefits.The system is developed and manufactured in Europe and has been in use since 2004. Today, Royex is globally proven in a multitude of applications and is widely accepted and used by civil engineers, contractors and miners alike.

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Hypex Bio nitrate free emulsion technology

Hypex Bio is a nitrate free emulsion explosive developed for use in civil underground and surface mining and construction rock blasting operations. Hypex Bio is an abbreviation for “Hydrogen peroxide explosive – biodegradable” and implies the use of hydrogen peroxide as a replacement for nitrate salts as primary oxidizer.

AN-based explosives leave residue nitrates in the blasted rock. These nitrates are dissolved by water circulating or flowing through the muck. The nitrates must be removed from the water before it is released to the recipient. This implies significant investments in water treatment plants, dam infrastructure and strict environmental measures.

Hypex Bio does not contain any nitrogen nor any other compound which lead to similar contamination results. Upon detonation, the Hypex emulsion decomposes to water steam, carbon dioxide and a minimal amount of carbon monoxide without any NOx gas. If the Hypex emulsion is left undetonated in a rock mass, it will decompose to water and residue components which does not lead to any nitrate environmental issues downstream.

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