Development and test of energetic products and civil explosives

Etken Teknologi offers concept development and testing of civil explosives and pyrotechnics using various business and project models. Projects can be anything from customization of explosives products to development of new solutions for specific applications.

Utilizing the skill set of a experienced staff of blasting specialists, chemists, process engineers and project managers, Etken have proven to be efficient, creative and cost effective in complex development projects. 

Etken is familiar and used to conventional certification and testing programs such as the CE marking process (EU standardization and certification) and ADR testing. 

Typical services offered are;

  1. Energetic composition design and concept testing of energetic materials

  2. Proof of concept testing and pilot studies for civil blasting applications

  3. EU certification assistance and projects including ADR testing

  4. Explosives product selection, blast design and optimization 

  5. Explosives production and charging process and equipment design 


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